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Own Your Truth 

Helping women get serious about their purpose while becoming in harmony with life by getting more Truth-Full! 

Speak Your Truth 

Helping women own the stage to get serious about destiny while becoming in harmony with Speaking Their Truth!

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 If you are ready to make the changes to live a Truth-Full Life of Purpose,

get your

 Free Truth-Full Guide!

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Hi, I am Jolie,

 I want to be your coach and Show you how to Master your Chaos while Living a

Truth-Full Laser Focused Life.

Join my all-exclusive Truth Coaching Group that will help you feel more harmony in life while pursuing your purpose. Instantly learn my Top 6 Steps to Speaking your Truth and staying Focused with Confidence.

You will discover

The Top 6 Ways to Develop the Truth-Full Mindset. How to S.C.RE.A.M. How to stand Toe to Toe with your Fears. 3 Words that will get you in Action. Simple 1-2-3 Strategy for Owning Who You Are.

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My Lie.......

I was convinced that I was worthless. I didn’t believe that I deserved

another chance at life. I believed that God had left me at times.


I got to a point in my life where I felt like being molested was my fault. Being abandoned became a normal thing for me. Feeling different levels of abuse was what I came to know in my life. It’s almost as if I look forward to it on a regular basis. In each relationship, I would go into it looking for things to happen.

It’s amazing how our minds will convince us that these types of behaviors are normal.

My Truth......

My life is purposeful! I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

I am destined for greatness, and to win. It is OK to walk in my Truth.

Once I realized how powerful God created me to be, my walk changed and how I approached situations. I became more confident in my battle scars and learned to love everything about me. Even the situations that were designed to break me, kill me and to send me into a place of depression and low self-esteem, although it reared its ugly head, and it almost in trapped me.

I came out courageous and on top, knowing that if I continue to

push and to press and to trust the process God had set before me,

my Truth would prevail and help millions around the world

Be like Jolie and just Step in your Truth!

About Jolie the Great!

Certifed Life Coach. Certiifed Motivational Speaker. Best-Selling Author

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What I do

Through Truth Coaching and Personal Development, you will become a CFB dynamic Truth Guru, capable of getting sh*t done while pursuing your purpose with truth, confidence and success.

Your result

Ease:  Let’s get REAL, you’re maxed out and stressed out! Unsure of how you will juggle this mess that you have created, and always feeling behind. Through Focus Performance Strategy and Truth Coaching,  you learn to create a capacity to thrive, and implement simple solutions to find spaciousness..


Expectation: Discover the direction that you want grow, and the BIG picture of your purpose and passion.


Methods: The vision strategy that you have been struggling to create comes together easily for optimized growth with my powerful Truth Method.


Establish: Simple daily action steps towards your goal are how we get you to the next level with powerful

Truth-Full Steps..

Growth: Expand your potential to enjoy your life, family, health, & wealth while focusing on what is more important to your dream.

I am the coach for you if you

  • Are ready to get sh*t done

  • Want to move in your divine purpose

  • Want to create a strategy plan with ease

  • Want to make a difference in your life

  • Desire a close connection with your coach

  • Have already been frustrated and want to give up

  • Resonate with words like: done, did it and starting on the next

  • Have goals that has been sitting on the shelf

  • Are coachable, and willing to do things a different way

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Allow the Truth Expert to help you on the journey in

Becoming a Certified Truth Speaker

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Sign up now and join the upcoming class.

Truth Testimonials

You inspire me

"You know I see you out there doing your thing and looking wonderful,and grinding hard, I know you have days where you probably dont feel like moving but know if you are stagnant then you cant get to the bag and your overall goal. You inspire me to keep going, not for THEM, but for ME. Much respect."


~Brandon Medlock~

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Step in Your Truth
                                         The Awakening Tour 2k23

is coming to a city near you....

When will we fully except who we see in the mirror? That’s a question that I had to ask myself over and over and over again. Well now is the time for you to take full advantage. Are you ready to step in your full potential? The Step In Your Truth, The Awakening platform will give you that push that you need to move in your authentic self.


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