Helping women get serious about their worth while becoming in harmony with life by getting more FOCUSED. 





Jolie Rashawn

Join my all exclusive Focus Coaching group that will help you feel more balanced in life while pursing your purpose. Instantly learn my Top 6 Steps to Laser Focus with Confidence.

You will discover
  • The Top 6 Ways to Develop the CFB Mindset.

  • How to S.C.RE.A.M.

  • How to stand Toe to Toe with your bullies.

  • 3 Words that will get you in Action.

  • Simple 1-2-3 Strategy for Focusing.

I am Jolie Rashawn the focus leadership expert and motivational speaker. I will teach you how to master your chaos and create a Laser Focused life.


Are you Ready to get Laser Focused so you can get sh*t done with ease?


What I do

Through Focus Coaching and Personal Development, you will become a CFB (Chief Focused Boss) capable of getting sh*t done while  pursuing your purpose with confidence and success.

Your result

Ease: Let’s get REAL, you’re maxed out and stressed out! Unsure of how you will juggle this mess that you have created, and always feeling behind. Through Foucs Performance Stratgery, you learn to create a capacity to thrive, and implement simple solutions to find spaciousness.


Exceptation: Discover the direction that you want grow, and the BIG picture of your purpose and passion.


Methods: The vision strategy that you have been struggling to create comes together easily for optimized growth.


Establish: Simple daily action steps towards your goal is how we get you to the next level with powerful focus steps.

Growth: Expand your potential to enjoy your life, family, health, & wealth while focusing on what is more important to your dream.

I am the coach for you if you

  • Are ready to get sh*t done

  • Want to work smarter not harder

  • Want to create a stratgery plan with ease

  • Want to make a difference in your life

  • Desire a close connection with your coach

  • Have already been frustrated and want to give up

  • Resonate with words like: done, did it and starting on the next

  • Have goals that has been sitting on the shelf

  • Are coachable, and willing to do things a different way


Strategy Session

This complimentary RISK FREE 30 minute session includes

  • Discover the root cause to what is hindering you from moving forward.

  • Gain clarity around how to best utilize your time.

  • Create a strategy and implementation plan for to get laser focused.

Book Your Focus Strategy Session



6 Essential tools to help women with a vision, free up their time and build their dreams in a

Fiercely Focused way!

Starting Tuesday November 2 

6:00pm (central time)


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Introducing the Book Release of






The Journey, The Struggle, The Focus

This book is a story of a woman who overcame obstacles, trials, and heartache by staying focused and committed to her dreams. You will be inspired with the strength to keep going when hard times come. The CFB writes with the intend you will learn the inner drive it takes to become your own Superhero.


Queendom Code of Conduct

12 Laws to Women In Business 


Law 6: Thou Shall Stay Focused

During this book anthology I had the opportunity to give powerful tools on how to stay focused while starting your business and in life. 


Introducing the Release of

The FOCUSED Journal



Do you ever need something to write your ideas and thoughts down on, but at the same time be able to be encouraged as inspired by? This 12 Chapter Focus journal provides all of that in one; It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, the focus journal allows you to start right where you are in chapter one. Be inspired; Be encouraged; Be creative, but most of all be focused.


You Inspire Me

"You know I see you out there doing your thing and looking wonderful,and grinding hard, I know you have days where you probably dont feel like moving but know if you are stagnant then you cant get to the bag and your overall goal. You inspire me to keep going, not for THEM, but for ME. Much respect."


~Brandon Medlock~

Have you ever seen a race, and just when you think the runner is about to give up or quit, you hear that voice in the background saying, "Don't give up! You got this! Stay Focused! You're almost there! Keep Going! Keep Going!  


 I am The CFB (Chief Focused Boss) who will push you to the Finish line!  I am the burst of energy waiting to explode and fill each of you with encouragement, determination and life.   My goal is to show you that I am your personal cheerleader and will root you on through your journey to your divine purpose.



Introducing the Release of


Coaching Bookwork

6 Dimensions to Staying Focused!


There are times in our lives when we are frustrated. There’s times in our lives when we are pushed against the wall; sometimes we keep things bottled up inside for so long that we become a ticking time bomb. Have you ever got so overwhelmed that when you open your mouth the only thing that comes out is a S.C.R.E.A.M. This six step course will help you to overcome any obstacles this journey called life throws your way. It will challenge you to get out what you have been holding in; each step will challenge you, but it will also reveal the true definition of you.


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Jolie Rashawn LLC is a company designed for individuals, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs to provide them a reliable, high-quality resource for focus coaching and personal growth and development. Our mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives. 

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